Alternatives to Open Burning

Note: Open burning is never permitted in urban areas at any time of the year.

  • There are many alternatives to open burning in the City of Abbotsford. 
  • By not burning your waste, you’re helping to preserve the air quality in the sensitive Fraser Valley air shed. Open burning poses serious health risks to the people who are burning and exposes their families, pets, neighbours, and the surrounding community to the toxic chemicals found in smoke.
  • Open burning piles that get out of control can also be a fire risk and cause property damage. 
  • Using alternatives to open burning and using good burning practices are positive steps towards better air quality and making a safe and healthier community for everyone. 

Open Burning Seasonal Permit Guidelines

Note: Open burning is never permitted in urban areas at any time of the year. While rural burning is allowed, some rural properties may not qualify.

Check before you burn