Payment Programs

Property Tax Prepayment Plan

The tax prepayment plan is a convenient 10-month automatic debit program running from August 15 to May 15 to pre-pay an estimate of next year’s taxes. To qualify, there must be no outstanding taxes on the property. There is no cost to join and interest is paid on pre-paid amounts. Tax Payment Bylaw No. 2962-2019

New Applicants

Complete the Property Tax Pre-payment Plan Application (or Property Tax Pre-payment Plan Application in Punjabi) and submit it to the Property Tax Division by mail or email.  Alternatively, obtain an application from the Property Tax Division at City Hall. An estimate of the amount you would pay on the plan appears on the front of your property tax notice. 

Your annual tax notice will include the amounts prepaid and the balance payable by the tax due date, if any. If you have overpaid, the credit will be applied to the next year's installments.

Existing Plan Members

Any outstanding tax account balance must be paid and, if eligible, the Home Owner Grant claimed by the tax due date in order to avoid late payment penalty charges, and to remain on the tax prepayment plan. Overdue tax account balances will result in automatic cancellation of your tax prepayment plan.

Cancelling Your Plan

Property owners may cancel the plan at any time by:

One week’s notice is required prior to the 15th day of the month in order to stop the current month's withdrawal.

Self-Managed Option

You may choose to set up automatic debit payments from your financial institution’s website to pre-pay property taxes.

BC Property Tax Deferment Program

Property tax deferment is a low interest loan program administered by the Province of BC. The program helps qualified BC homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence, if you meet certain criteria.

How to Apply

The Province of BC offers two tax deferment programs:

  • Regular Program
  • Families with Children program

Eligibility requirements and application submission instructions are located on the Province's website at For more information, email or call 1-888-355-2700.    

Your property tax account must be up to date to apply for the tax deferment program. This means you must pay any property taxes owing from previous years, penalties, or interest before you apply to defer your taxes. Payments must be made to the City of Abbotsford.

Important: Other Charges on your tax notice, such as Solid Waste & Recycling fees and Secondary Suite/Coach House Fees, are not eligible for deferment and must be paid to the City of Abbotsford by the tax due date. Other Charges are subject to penalties after the tax due date.