Dyking & Drainage

Notice: October 3, 2022 Irrigation levels will be lowered:

Notice to Abbotsford Farmers: Starting October 3, 2022, irrigation levels in all areas of Sumas and Matsqui Prairies will be lowered, marking the end of the irrigation supply season. This is to allow critical pump and infrastructure inspections, dyke repairs and ditching to take place. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the City of Abbotsford Operations Yard at 604-853-5485.

Creeks & Streams

Creeks and streams are formed by natural processes that are affected by human influences. Forested land has a capacity to absorb rainfall, through evaporation, evapo-transpiration, and infiltration into the ground. When the rate of rainfall exceeds the absorption capacity of the land, the excess rainfall runs off in a downhill direction. As it progresses downhill, this “surface runoff” from adjacent lands merges together to create brooks, creeks, streams and rivers.

Driveway Culverts

Rural Lowland Drainage & Irrigation

Rural Upland Drainage

Stormwater Management