Multi-Family & ICI Information

Canada Plastic Ban

The Government of Canada has been working with all levels of government, industry, non-government organizations, researchers and Canadians to take action on plastic waste and pollution.  Recently, the federal Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations were published which will prohibit the manufacture, import, sale and eventually export of six categories of single-use plastic (SUP) items.  This categories of plastic items being prohibited include checkout/grocery bags, cutlery, foodservice ware made from or containing problematic plastics, 6-pack ring carriers, stir sticks and straws.  The approach being taken by the federal government seeks to transition Canada towards a circular economy that keeps plastic in the economy and out of the environment through activities such as better product design and higher rates of reuse, repair, remanufacture, refurbishment, and recycling. 

Recycling, Compost & Garbage

The FVRD’s Source Separation Bylaw and the City’s Solid Waste Management Bylaw came into effect on April 1, 2020. Separate collection of recycling, compostables and garbage should now be in place at every property in Abbotsford, and across the region. If your apartment, townhouse, business or other property does not have separate collection in place, please request a site visit by contacting us at or 604-864-5640.

The City does not provide waste collection services to multi-family dwellings (e.g., townhouses, condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, gated communities, etc.) or to industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) properties. The City’s Solid Waste Management Bylaw outlines the requirements for these properties to collect recycling and compostables separately from garbage.

Multi-family and ICI properties are required to make their own arrangement with a private waste hauler for the collection and disposal of recycling, compostables and garbage. Waste collection services for these properties can be confirmed by contacting your strata council, landlord, property manager or property management company.

The City has compiled the below resources to assist in setting up or improving waste collection programs for multi-family and ICI properties.  It is recommended that the below files are printed with color ink.  Save the files and print at home or work, or bring them to a commercial printer for printing.