Abbotsford ACCESS

Action-oriented Community Collaborative for Equitable Services & Supports

Abbotsford ACCESS is an initiative of the City of Abbotsford’s Housing, Homelessness and Community Development team to enhance collaboration between local stakeholders, which include not-for-profit organizations, local government, health care, educational institutions, law enforcement and business. The initiative will build on work already taking place to increase collaboration among service providers, increase information dissemination in community, and identify actionable areas that can be better addressed by working together to support a robust healthy community. To achieve this, Abbotsford ACCESS operates under a multi-layered structure including the Abbotsford ACCESS Partner Group, and action-oriented Working Groups specific to focus areas identified by the community of health and social service providers (further breakdown of layers below). 

The City of Abbotsford will provide leadership to develop and implement initiatives alongside community partners, facilitating a collaborative approach moving forward. The goal of Abbotsford ACCESS will be to fully achieve positive change, improve collaboration and synergy in community relationships and ensure meaningful community engagement on issues affecting the community.

While the focus of Abbotsford ACCESS encompasses a broad framework of upstream social initiatives, community partners - through analysis of needs and strategic planning - will determine the key areas of focus. Key areas of focus could include areas such as community mental health, substance use, poverty reduction (food equity, financial literacy, etc.), cultural diversity, or access to housing.  

Abbotsford ACCESS will ensure that all of the social determinants of health across all demographics and ethnic groups in the community are at the forefront of initiatives that are undertaken, with a focus on people who are more susceptible or vulnerable than others.  

Abbotsford ACCESS will focus on:
  1.  Increasing awareness of resources in the community: for service providers and for the community at large.
  2.  Increasing understanding of the issues around focus areas through promotion of national, provincial and regional health observances and the events and activities planned by Abbotsford ACCESS partners and other community agencies that mark these.  
  3. Creating opportunities for the formation of partnerships and collaborations to address specific needs, where they would not have otherwise.
  4. Supporting the work of community groups, new and existing partnerships, and its own action-oriented Working Groups as they relate to key focus areas.
  5. Supporting funding applications for specific projects, as needed, to support the goals of such new partnerships, capitalizing on this cooperation to raise more funds than would be possible individually.
  6. Evaluating the impact of Abbotsford ACCESS on community and service delivery.

Abbotsford ACCESS Structure

Agency Awareness and Connections Breakfast Events