Council Briefs

Monthly Council Briefs highlight progress on major initiatives and decisions made by Council on strategic priorities and items brought forward at Council meetings.

March 2024

Council approves applications to UBCM’s Community Emergency Preparedness Fund, On heels of high returns, Council approves changes to Investments Policy, Council accepts FVRD’s Regional Growth Strategy.

February 2024

BC Assessment gives presentation to Council, Council advances Public Art Policy and Program Review to Stage 2, Council moves Accessibility Plan development to next stage, Council applies to UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund.

January 2024

Council approves 2022-2026 Strategic Plan update, Official Community Plan Update moves to Stage 2, Council approves UBCM resolution asking for more detox centres in Fraser Health, Council receives housing update

December 2023

Council passes 2024 budget, Service dog wording updated, Commercial Truck Parking Strategy moves to Stage 2, Culture Services Delivery and Governance Review advances