Snow & Ice

The City of Abbotsford maintains and manages approximately 910 km of paved roadways. Severe weather conditions can seriously impact the City from a social, environmental and economic perspective with an unsafe road network. In order to provide an effective and efficient response that aligns with Council’s strategic vision, a Council Policy was developed in which the roads have been classified into three priorities.

Snow Roadway Priority Details:

  • First Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 350 kilometers of all high volume and strategic arterial and collector roads which includes transit routes, school zones and major access to hillside areas.
  • Second Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 170 kilometers of the remaining arterial, hillside and collector routes.
  • Third Priority Roadways:  includes the remaining approximately 390 kilometers of roadways, usually local roadways, not identified as first and second priority.

First priority roads are maintained until conditions are under control and safe, subject to worker and equipment availability and weather. Once these roads are cleared, resources are redirected to second priority routes and then to third priority routes. View the Snow and Ice Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

View the snow clearing priority route details

  1. Red Route - First Priority Roadways
  2. Green Route - Second Priority Roadways
  3. Non-Marked Routes - Third Priority Roadways

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Snow and Ice Preparations

In preparation of winter conditions, training sessions are held for public works staff to prepare them for snow conditions. The equipment resources are also prepared, including installation of snow plowing accessories, to ensure everything is operational for winter conditions. The sand and salt is stocked at four storage sheds located strategically throughout the City for an efficient response time. The anti-ice solution (sodium chloride) production and storage tanks are inspected and prepared for potential winter conditions.

Your Role as a Resident or Business

  • Clearing snow and de-icing sidewalks and footpaths in front of your property is your responsibility. You can help keep pedestrians, customers, tenants and residents safe from slips and falls during snow events. 
  • Clear snow or ice from sidewalks and footpaths around your property within 24 hours after snow has stopped falling or ice has formed (Good Neighbor Bylaw No. 1256-2003)
  • If you can't clear snow yourself, prearrange with a family, neighbours, or a snow removal service
  • Don't shovel snow onto the street
  • Failing to clear your sidewalk or property impacts the safety of pedestrians, particularly seniors
  • Salt (sodium chloride) is the most affordable and available option for de-icing, but it damages vehicles, roads, and our waterways. You can minimize your use of salt by:
    • Shoveling before sanding
    • Using a thin layer of salt, just to break the bonds between ice & pavement
    • Sprinkling only where needed for safety
    • Sprinkling evenly – clumped salt is wasted salt

What You Can Do to Prepare for Snowfall

  • Everyone should be prepared and know what to do in extreme weather conditions. 
  •  Stock up early with a shovel and supply of salt or eco-friendly de-icer
  •  Ensure gutters and storm drains in front of your home are clear of snow, ice, leaves, and other debris, to allow for proper drainage of rain and melted snow, reducing the risk of flooding
  • Keep an emergency kit and supplies in your home, office, and car
  • Ensure your vehicle is ready for winter driving
  • If needed, make alternate arrangements to commute to work, school, or appointments

What You Can Do While it's Snowing

  • Shovel early and often
  • Be a snow angel and help your neighbours
  • Drive only if necessary or take transit
  • Avoid parking on the street to allow snow plows and salt trucks to safely clear streets
  • Do not abandon your car if it gets stuck, as it may obstruct snow clearing and could be ticketed and/or towed
  • Check on neighbours and family members, especially if they're elderly

Garbage, Compost & Recycling Collection

Curbside collection may be disrupted during winter weather.  The Abbotsford Curbside Collection App is the best source of information about collection-related news.  The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.  A Collection advisory is also posted on our website for collection delays or cancelled service.

Check School Closures

Schools can also be affected by heavy snowfall. In the event of a major snowfall, local area schools may be closed.

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