Fire Rescue Service

The Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service is responsible for the prevention and suppression of fires, the mitigation of the effects of dangerous goods incidents, assisting in the rescue of people from potentially dangerous situations, and assisting with medical emergencies.

The Fire Rescue Service operates under the direction of the Fire Chief, who reports to the Mayor, and Council through the City Manager. E-Comm provides call-taking and dispatch services for Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service through its public safety partnership with the Fraser Valley Regional District.

The Department operates eight Fire Halls. Career firefighters are assisted by auxiliary firefighters who are paged when required. Career firefighters operate out of Fire Hall 1, Fire Hall 2, Fire Hall 6 and Fire Hall 8, with one engine each. Career staffing enables the Fire Rescue Service to provide 24-hour year-round emergency response capabilities for fires, rescues, and other emergencies.

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