Homelessness & Community Development

Homelessness is a complex social issue with many facets that are individual to each person who experiences it. Unfortunately, Abbotsford isn't alone in experiencing these challenges on a local level. Homelessness is a regional, inter-regional, Provincial and National challenge. 

The City of Abbotsford has a role in advocating with senior levels of government, participating in regional and inter-regional efforts to enhance the community infrastructure, and developing policy and funding for solutions to end homelessness.  The City of Abbotsford partners with local service providers, agencies and senior levels of government to address this very important social issue in our community.

Substance Use Services and Resources in Abbotsford

  1. Abbotsford Addictions Centre and OAT Centre, Lesley Braithwaite, Supervisor/Therapist, Archway Community Services
  2. Fraser East Overdose Response Project, Jennifer Hawkins, Senior Project Manager, Community-basedResearch, Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS), University of British Columbia
  3. Community Action Team Abbotsford, Judith Pellerin, Mental Wellness Public Health Nurse | Supporting Overdose Response, ROAR (Reducing Overdose, Abbotsford Response)
  4. Abbotsford Rapid Access Clinic and the Abbotsford Integrated Case Management Team, Liana Laviolette, Clinical Coordinator, Fraser Health
  5. Substance use and Harm Reduction services, Abbotsford Community Hub Centre, Amanda Rigdon, Manager of Programs Fraser East, Phoenix Society and Marko Markovic, Owner of Hub Medical & Pharmacy  
  6. Riverside Harm Reduction Outreach, Jami Petsche, Mobile Harm Reduction Outreach, Lookout Housing and Health Society
  7. Next Steps Program, Al Breitkreutz, Program Manager, Salvation Army Abbotsford
  8. Women’s Only Treatment and Recovery, Coletta Holmes, Executive Director, LIFE Recovery Association
  9. Men’s and Women’s Treatment and Recovery, Sherry Mumford, Vice Chair, and Bobbi Sherman, Manager, KingHaven Peardonville House Society