Strategic Plan

The City of Abbotsford's 2022-2026 Strategic Plan provides the foundation for aligning all municipal planning decisions; provides direction for municipal business plans and budgets; and enables City staff to continually monitor progress toward desired outcomes. It is the City’s roadmap for service, project and program delivery, ensuring the City of Abbotsford is purposefully moving forward as one organization.

Image of front cover Strategic Plan

Principles and Goals

Structurally, the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan sets out the goals, priorities and actions for the City of Abbotsford through four Guiding Principles which reflect a balanced approach to the municipal organizational planning process.

Measuring Success

An important step in the Strategic Planning process will be the development of key measurement indicators. Performance measures that support the goals articulated under each of the 4 Guiding Principles and report on the City’s progress will provide ongoing feedback and support further planning, budgeting and management decisions. These indicators will also fulfill the City's Annual Report (published each year by June 30th) requirements to the Province as set out in the Community Charter.

2022-2026 Strategic Plan