Complex Projects

The purpose of this webpage and supporting resources are to assist you with the submission requirements for Complex projects which typically include buildings and structures designed to Part 3 of the BC Building Code but may also include some Part 9 multi-family projects.  Townhouse and Row House developments are considered Complex for the purpose of application submission and permit review.  Understanding the requirements will help ensure your application is successful and avoid many unanticipated costs and/or project delays.

What You Need To Know

Review the application guide below which will help you in planning your project and determine what will be required in your permit application. The application guide and related checklists will assist in understanding which documents are needed for your application.

Complex Buildings Application Guide

Checklists & Forms

Submission Checklists are required to be completed with your building permit application. Please fill out the submission checklist related to your permit application below.

Alternative Solutions

Certified Professional Program