Building Code, Bylaws & Fees

Building Codes and Bylaws

Fees and Charges 

Please note: Effective March 20, 2023 (as per amendments to the City's Fees and Charges Bylaw, 2006 (Schedule "G"), the following non-refundable application fees apply at time of submission of a building permit application:

Application Type Application Fee Application Fee with a Registered Professional
Renovation to Existing Building $100 $95
New Dwelling $750 $712.50
Tenant Improvement $100 $95
New Complex Dwelling $750 $712.50

Final building permit fees are calculated after the plan review. Application fees (outlined above) will be credited towards the building permit fee at issuance.

Building Permit fees are determined through Schedule "G" of the Fees and Charges Bylaw, 2006. Depending on the type of permit and work being proposed, other charges and securities (Development Cost Charges, Damage Deposits, etc.) may be applied. Fees associated with plumbing work are charged on the plumbing permit.

The City’s Building staff is available to assist you in figuring out just what kind of permits and fees you will need in order to complete your project in a timely and cost-effective manner. Applicants are advised to wait for staff to complete the review before determining final permit fees.