Culture can mean many things to many people. When asked “What does Culture Mean to You?”, residents provided a wide range of responses demonstrating just how difficult it can be to narrow down a precise definition. It is no surprise then, that diversity was identified as a common theme, along with community, festivals, events and connecting.

Culture programs, services and resources are essential to a vibrant and healthy community. Culture builds civic pride, celebrates diversity, shapes a City’s health and identity, and attracts talent and investment for the City to grow and prosper. Culture brings people together, creates conversations, and helps us learn from one another.

There are a plethora of cultural resources that exist within a community and include the various tangible and intangible things that contribute to the culture of a place and which are essential to municipal cultural planning and development. Abbotsford is home to many of these cultural resources that all contribute to a sense of place and being.