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Image of Sprinkler
Lawn sprinkling is allowed twice a week. Even Addresses: Wednesday & Saturday, 6 am - 8 am Odd Addresses: Thursday & Sunday 6 am - 8 am... Read more
Image of Building with Lights on
Learn more about the BC Energy Step code in a webinar series designed for builders, designers, architects, and building officials. ... Read more
Image of Classroom
By filling out your census questionnaire online, you help shape your community and support important decision making that affects all Canadians. ... Read more
Image of water running into storm drain
Storm drains collect water runoff from roads, gutters, parking lots and other hard surfaces. Anything you pour into storm drains will go in streams.... Read more
Image of curbside collection carts at home
Let’s get ready to roll Abbotsford! The new Automated Curbside Collection program started April 19! Learn more about the program.... Read more

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New Curbside Cart Program

Learn more about the new cart based collection system for recycling, compostables and garbage.

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