Parking Regulations

Understand the City of Abbotsford parking regulations on city roads and avoid getting a ticket. Parking regulations help keep on-street parking available for everyone and ensures the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, public transit and motorists in Abbotsford.

Traffic Control Device is used throughout the Street & Traffic Bylaw and is defined as stop sign, signal, line, meter, marking, space, barrier, or device, placed, painted or erected to guide, regulate, warn, direct, restrict or prohibit traffic.

The information below is considered a general overview only. If any information differs from city bylaws, the BC Motor Vehicle Act and Abbotsford's Street & Traffic Bylaw shall take precedence.

Parking Without Sign Regulations

Parking regulations may be in effect whether or not there is a sign. Learn how to avoid a ticket.

Parking With Sign Regulations

Find out the regulations for parking on streets when there is signage. Some parking regulations in Abbotsford will have a sign reflecting the details of the restriction, whether it be time restrictions, no parking or no stopping. Restricted parking signs are in effect year round, including Stat holidays unless otherwise posted.

Vehicles on City Streets Regulations

Find out about Abbotsford's regulation for vehicles for sale, unlicensed vehicles, and trailers on city streets.