Waterways and Wildlife


While fishing can be a great way to connect with nature while enjoying its bounties, it is also a leading cause of suffering and slow death for many, unrelated wildlife species and even our beloved pets.

Each year, across Abbotsford, dozens of animals are severely injured or slowly killed when they are snared by discarded fishing lines, tackle and nets. This not only poses a threat to wildlife but to pets who may eat the fishy smelling lines and discarded hooks.  Even our children can accidentally and painfully find hooks that have been left behind.

Learn more by visiting Clear Your Gear for more information about the devastating effects of discarded fishing gear.

Do your part

A few simple steps can make a big difference:

  1. Choose areas that appear clear of “snags” to limit the chances of losing a line.
  2. Use a biodegradable monofilament such as “Bioline” 
  3. If you must sever your line due to a snag, place a bobber on the cut end, before you cut it, so that the line can be located. Please make the City of Abbotsford aware by reporting it through our City Services App or call 604-853-5485.  Parks’ staff may be able to retrieve it if it is visible.
  4. Avoid the use of lead weights. Many animals end up eating these which causes lead poisoning and may move through the food chain, concentrating in apex predators such as Osprey.
  5. Discard of used line in garbage receptacles or, preferably, recycle it with plastics.
  6. Pack out what you pack in.

Goose Control Program

The geese population has been steadily growing with few natural controls and is having a negative impact on the natural environment, recreational opportunities for residents. The unnaturally high populations of Canada geese in the region can have a negative impact on the natural environment as Canada geese push out other waterfowl species such as ducks.