Quality of Life Survey

Survey Background

The City of Abbotsford has a role in supporting and providing services, programs and amenities that help to provide a robust quality of life for residents. Abbotsford City Council has a vision that sees Abbotsford as the Hub of the Fraser Valley; a community with a vibrant and thriving economy, with inclusive safe and green neighbourhoods, connected to convenient and affordable transportation and vibrant commercial centres built on the foundation of our cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The first Abbotsford Quality of Life Survey was conducted in 2018. The 2018 Quality of Life Survey will serve as a baseline measure of community sentiment that can be referenced against the 2020 Quality of Life survey, the 2022 Quality of Life survey and future surveys.

Survey Objectives

The Key objectives of the Quality of Life Survey is to:

  • Measure residents’ general satisfaction with overall quality of life, and their current position in life as compared to what they consider the best possible life.
  • Measure residents’ feeling of belonging to the community, in general and by years of residency, age and area of residency.
  • Measure community trust, volunteerism and donations to charity as an indication of residents’ connectedness to and support of community.
  • The community experiences that contribute to their quality of life and life satisfaction.
  • Measure the magnitude of concern residents may have with specific community issues.

​​These quality of life related objectives were combined with more traditional city services satisfaction measure such as:

  • Determine awareness, important, usage and satisfaction with City facilities, amenities and programs.
  • Identify any potential barriers to awareness of and/or access to City facilities, amenities and programs 

Survey Results