Procurement Opportunities

Project ID Project Name Awarded To Closing Date Status
1220-2023-2967 North Parallel Road Bridge Demolition Project Open
1220-2022-2826 Notice of Intent to Award - Montrose Avenue Transit Exchange Open
1220-2020-2383 Notice of Intent to Award Lease Vehicles 2023 Open
1220-2023-2953 Proposals for Detail Design Engineering Services for Highstreet Transit Exchange Open
1220-2023-2880 Notice of Intent to Award a Contract- Abbotsford Airport Asphalt Crack Sealing Closed
1220-2023-2877 Notice of Intent to Direct Award - Fraser River Long-Term Erosion Protection Design and Construction Engineering Services Closed
1220-2023-2865 North Clearbrook Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project Phase 2 and Townhouse Re-servicing Closed
1220-2023-2863 Notice of Intent to Award a Contract - Compostable Waste Processing Services Closed
1220-2022-2858 Notice of Intent to Award - AMANDA Land Management System - Software Maintenance and Support Closed
1220-2022-2856 Notice of Intent to Award DDC PM Contract 2022-2023 Closed
1220-2022-2840 Aquatic Services and Facilities Strategy Closed
1220-2022-2838 Sandbag and Aggregate Cleanup and Disposal Closed
1220-2022-2836 Matsqui Dike Sinkhole - Full Repair Closed
1220-2022-2817 Notice of Intent to Award the Supply of One (1) Cargo Van and Telescopic Boom Lift Closed
1220-2022-2814 Supply and Delivery of Pool Filters for Matsqui Recreation Centre (MRC) Closed
1220-2022-2813A Abbotsford Police Department Addition and Renovation Closed
1220-2022-2812 E-Bidding Solution Closed
1220-2022-2805 Supply & Installation and Commissioning of Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems Closed
1220-2022-2802 Request for Proposals for Expense Management & Accounts Payable Automation System Solution Closed
1220-2022-2801 Request for Standing Offers for Flood Recovery Project Managers Closed