Crime Reduction

Across City departments, and in conjunction with community partners, Abbotsford has made strides in implementing an effective community response in working together to help make Abbotsford safer.

5 Cornerstones that form the Basis of the Crime Reduction and Community Safety Strategy

  1. Children, Youth and Family Engagement - Healthy children, youth, and families are the building blocks to strong communities. Early intervention and education are key factors in promoting good decision making.
  2. Neighborhood Capacity Building - Prosperous neighborhoods provide opportunities for greater personal safety, reduced property crime, and building strong relationships with other neighbors and local governments.     
  3. Housing and Social Policy Development - Access to clean, safe and affordable hosing, along with necessary social services facilitates the strengthening of a community’s social fabric, and contributes to a stronger and ultimately safer community.
  4. Bylaw Enforcement and Civic Pride - Civic pride has the ability to discourage litter, graffiti and criminal activity, which inevitably contributes to community improvement and an atmosphere for volunteerism and personal responsibility.
  5. CPTED and Target Hardening - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and target hardening can provide tangible solutions to many immediate crime and safety concerns. They can also provide a starting place for neighborhood interaction through the use of neighborhood crime audits or CPTED assessments.