Tenant Improvements

NEW! Online Building Permit Applications

The City is now accepting online applications for all building permits including demolitions, tenant improvements, home renovations, agricultural buildings, new residential homes, secondary suites, and swimming pools!

Please ensure to review our building permit application guides and submission checklists to ensure you have all of the required documents ready to make your application. Having the correct documents submitted with your application will contribute to a quicker review and issuance of your building permit; missing the correct documents may result in your application being rejected and application fees being forfeited.

Applying online is the quickest and easiest way to get your building permit application in the queue!

Apply for Building Permits Online

Building projects today have a wide range of requirements and complexity beyond simply providing a set of blue prints. The purpose of this page and resources is to assist you with these requirements. Understanding the requirements will help to ensure your application is successful and avoid many unanticipated costs. If you are not familiar with building construction, we would encourage you to engage the services of a construction professional such as a Registered Architect to guide you through your project.

What You Need To Know

Review the application guide below which will help you in planning your project and determine what will be required in your permit application. The application guide and related checklists will assist in understanding which documents are needed for your application.

Tenant Improvement Application Guide

Checklists & Forms

Submission Checklists are required to be completed with your building permit application.