Permits & Licences Directory

Permits / LicensesDescription
Banner Permit Any street banners displayed in the City require a permit, including banners which display public information and public events. More Info
Building Permits The building permit is required before you begin work on your project. To apply for a permit, you will be required to provide information about your project in the form of plans and supporting docu More Info
Burning Permit All open burning in rural areas requires a permit issued from the City of Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service.  Open burning permits will be issued during designated burning seasons, Spring season (Marc More Info
Business License Any activity or undertaking providing professional, personal or other service for the purposes of gain or profit requires a valid business licence. Other than Temporary Licences, a business licence More Info
Canvassing Permit / Fundraising Campaigns A canvassing permit is required for all fundraising campaigns in the City of Abbotsford. More Info
Development Permit Development Permits allow the City to achieve policies with respect to the form and character of multi-family, commercial and industrial development and to protect agricultural and environmental ar More Info
Filming Permit The film office will work will the production companies throughout the approval process. To film your production in Abbotsford, please follow the steps on our Filming Application. More Info
Fire Permits Occupant Load Sign, Fireworks and Special Events Approvals. More Info
Fireworks Permit Residents wishing to discharge fireworks in the City boundaries require a fireworks permit. More Info
Highway Excavation Permit Highway Excavation Permits are required for work on City roads to improve or repair City maintained infrastructure and franchise utilities.  If the work includes repairing, extending or installing More Info
Highway Use Permit A Highway Use Permit is required if events or activities will disrupt regular vehicle or pedestrian traffic on City roads and sidewalks. More Info
Hydrant Use Permit A hydrant use permit is required for access to water through a hydrant or standpipe. More Info
Lawn Sprinkling Permit A lawn sprinkling permit is required for lawn watering during Stage 1 of the Water Shortage Response Plan. More Info
Natural Environment Development Permit If a property is within 50m of a stream or contains a sensitive ecosystem, it may require a Natural Environment Development Permit.  No site clearing, regrading or other land disturbance is permitt More Info
New Storm Sewer Service Installation Permit This permit is required for the installation of a new storm sewer service. More Info