Hydrant Use Permit

On occasion, contractors or members of the public may require bulk water supply. The City of Abbotsford can provide this service through one of three Bulk Water Supply Stations or a Hydrant Use Permit (if approved).

Examples of valid reasons for using a hydrant may include work being done with a permit for certain road and utility construction, filming or special events.  Requests for using a hydrant may be denied if there is a better solution such as water truck/fill stations.

To make an application:
  • Fill out the online application 
  • Once application is submitted and approved you will be sent an email with payment instructions
If the application is approved and a permit is issued:

The permit holder will:

  • coordinate their requirements with the Operations Division (City of Abbotsford)
  • supply their own hoses
  • dechlorinate at point of discharge if any water is likely to flow into the storm sewer system or ditches

City staff will:

  • supply and install a backflow device
  •  if deemed necessary, supply and install a water meter
  •  turn on and off the applicable hydrant and install the equipment by 8:30 am and remove it by 4:00 pm on the requested days
Important Notes:
  • Unauthorized valves or other equipment attached to the hydrant will be confiscated and shall become the property of the City
  •  If service is required after normal working hours or on weekends additional charges will apply
  •  Repairs and replacement of damaged equipment will be billed to the permit holder
  • Hydrant Permit Use Applications must be submitted a minimum 48hrs prior to the required start date.
  • If a permit is needed for more than 15-days, City crews will conduct an inspection and service of the hydrant which will cause a short interruption.
Permit fees (non-refundable):
  • Hydrant use permit $60 per day (please note there is a two day minimum)
  •  Extension to duration $60 per day
  •  After hours service call $200 each
  •  Metered water usage: the permit holder will be invoiced for the water usage once the project has completed based on current water rates.
  •  Accepted method of payment is credit card only

Abbotsford’s Waterworks Regulations Bylaw regulates use of City Waterworks owned and operated by the City. For more information about the permit process email the Engineering Department Operations Yard or call 604-853-5485.