Hydrant Use Permit Application

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Permit fees are regulated by the Fees and Charges Bylaw, 2006, 2669-2017 as follows:

Hydrant Use Permit Fees:

Hydrant use permit $60.00 per day
After hours service call $200.00 per call

The permit holder is responsible for:
  • coordinating their requirements with the Operations Division (City of Abbotsford)
  • supplying their own hoses
  • dechlorinating at point of discharge if any water is likely to flow into the storm sewer system or ditches
City staff is responsible for:
  • supplying and installing a backflow device
  • if deemed necessary, supplying and installing a water meter
  • turning on and off the applicable hydrant and installing the equipment by 8:30 am and removing it by 4:00 pm on the requested days
  • unauthorized valves or other equipment attached to the hydrant will be confiscated and shall become the property of the City
  • if service is required after normal hours or on weekends, additional charges will apply
  • repairs and replacement of damaged equipment will be billed to the permit holder
  • A 48 hour minimum notice for requests is required

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Contact Information

City permit number is a valid permit number issued by the City for construction, building, filming or special event.

Location of Hydrant

Please note there is a two day minimum. If you require more than 21 days please contact engops-info@abbotsford.ca

After hours service required?