Open Burning Permit

Alternatives to Burning

Consider alternatives to burning your agricultural waste. By using alternatives, you are helping to preserve the air quality in the Fraser Valley air shed. Open burning poses serious health risks to the people who are burning and exposes their families, pets, and the surrounding community to toxic chemicals found in the smoke.

Open Burning

Open burning is not permitted in urban areas at any time of the year and all open burning in rural areas requires a permit.  Open burning permits will be issued during designated burning seasons, (Spring season, March 1 - April 30, and Fall season, October 1 - November 30), and any burning outside of these designated seasons is not permitted. Prior to applying for the seasonal permit, please review Part 5 Division 2 of the Fire Service Bylaw, 3055-2020, and Open Burning Regulation & Guidelines. A permit fee of $50 CDN is due at the time of purchase.

Open Burning Address Lookup

Check your address below to determine if you are eligible to apply for an Open Burning Seasonal Permit.

Check Venting Index Before Burning

Check the British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection Ventilation Index Information website or by calling 1-888-281-2992 before burning to ensure atmospheric conditions are appropriate for smoke dispersal.