Single family homes and duplex residences receive curbside collection services from the City. Your green compostables cart is collected weekly, and your blue recycling cart and grey garbage cart are collected every two weeks on alternating weeks. View our Curbside Cart Collection Guide (available in English or Punjabi - COMING SOON) and the sections below for more information on the carts.

Get the Abbotsford Curbside Collection App to access your collection schedule, Waste Wizard, and information about where to find the closest recycling depot or drop-off location right from your smart phone or tablet.

    Cart Exchange Requests

    If you submitted a cart exchange request on or after July 26, 2021, please note that we experienced delays with our cart supplier due to a global resin shortage. Carts were scheduled for delivery but all deliveries are currently on hold pending the current flooding situation. A new delivery schedule will be provided as soon as it is available. Please do not submit your cart request again. Thank you for your patience!

    View the information below regarding cart costs and how to submit an exchange request.

    Cart Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    View the frequently asked questions for the fully automated cart-based curbside collection program below.

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