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Flood Cleanup Update: The City of Abbotsford is providing a special collection service for debris and garbage from flood affected properties on Sumas Prairie.  Accepted items include bagged garbage, mattresses, boxsprings, and small furniture.  Items will need to be placed at the curb by 7:00 am and up to 20 items will be collected at each property on the remaining special collection days: January 15 & 16. View the flyer for more information.

The City is also providing FREE disposal of waste resulting from flood cleanup efforts.  Flood debris and waste can be dropped off at the Riverside Temporary Transfer Station (1225 Riverside Road).  For more info visit the Transfer Stations & Recycling Depots page.

Wondering how to recycle or dispose of your items?

Have a look in the Waste Wizard below or download our Abbotsford Curbside Collection App from App Store or Google Play. If you can't find information on the item you are looking for, click on the "Suggest as a New Item" button. We regularly update the Waste Wizard tool with top suggestions we receive.

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