Recycling, Compost & Garbage

Curbside collection is undertaken by the City of Abbotsford using a fully automated cart-based collection system for single family homes and duplexes across the City. Food and yard waste is combined and collected in a green cart. Recycling is placed unbagged in a blue cart. Garbage is place bagged or unbagged in a grey cart. The green compost cart is collected weekly, and the blue recycling cart and grey garbage cart are collected every second week on alternating weeks.

Get the Abbotsford Curbside Collection App to access your collection schedule, Waste Wizard, and information about where to find the closest recycling depot or drop-off location right from your smart phone or tablet.

The 2022 Curbside Cart Collection Guide will be mailed to homes in early December. The Guide contains your 2022 curbside collection calendar, information on what can go in your carts, how to use your carts, and six yard waste coupons. Additional copies of the Guide (without Coupons) can be picked up from City Hall, ARC, and MRC.

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