Yard Waste Coupon

All materials accepted in the curbside compostable program are also accepted for drop off at the Net Zero Waste Composting Facility. Direct drop off allows larger yard waste items to be disposed of without having to cut them up into sections to meet curbside collection requirements. Each coupon is valid for one free yard waste drop off of a 5x8 foot utility trailer to a maximum weight of one tonne.  

City of Abbotsford residents currently receiving curbside collection typically receive six yard waste drop off coupons in the annual mail out of the curbside collection calendar. For 2021, three yard waste coupons will be provided with the collection schedule mailed in early December 2020. An additional six yard waste coupons will be provided with the new collection schedule that will arrive with the new carts when they are delivered to home. The additional coupons are being provided to residents in 2021 to assist with the transition to the new cart program. 

If you did not receive your coupons in the mail or have misplaced your coupons, please contact us at 604-864-5514 or email eng-info@abbotsford.ca to request replacement coupons. Please note that replacement yard waste coupons can only be requested by the property owner and only one set of replacement coupons will be provided in any calendar year (January to December).