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  1. Who does this apply to? As a “Good Neighbour” the City of Abbotsford will consider cost sharing the installation of fences constructed on residential properties shared with municipal parks and/or pedestrian walkways that are connected with parks.
  2. When and how can I apply? You must apply for the Fence Cost Share program by March 1st of the current year by submitting the completed application to the Parks, Recreation & Culture department along with three (3) quotes.
  3. How much will I be reimbursed? Qualified and approved property owners will receive reimbursement up to a maximum of $30 per linear metre, or 50% of the fencing cost or $1000 whichever is the least amount. All application approvals will be budget dependent.
  4. How can I get the approved cost reimbursed? Original receipts of all associated fencing costs must be submitted with the property owner’s full name, address, date of the work completed and payment method. A picture of the completed work should also be attached. Payments will be made after an inspection has been performed by the City of Abbotsford. The owner is required to fully pay for fencing costs before submitting the receipts.
  5. Who will install the fence? The City of Abbotsford will not install any fences. Property owners are expected to arrange for the construction of the fence after the approval from the City of Abbotsford.
  6. Where can I install the fence? The fence must be installed within the legal surveyed boundary of the residential property.
  7. Who maintains the fence? Once constructed, the fence is considered to belong to the property owner. The property owner will be solely responsible for any required maintenance.
  8. What type of fence can I install? The City of Abbotsford prefers wood or chain link fences, however various fencing heights and styles will be considered. The fence must be constructed in accordance with the municipal specifications received and approved in writing by the Manager.
  9. Can I install a gate? Should the property owner wish to have direct access to the park, a standard personal gate may be installed at the property owner’s expense. Provision of the gate, locks or other means of security will be the property owner’s responsibility.
  10. Is there a limit? It will be at the Manager’s discretion.
  11. When can I begin fence construction? Once you have approval from the City of Abbotsford in writing you can begin constructing the fence. The fence must be installed between April 1 and October 31, while weather is co-operating. Exceptions may be given at the Manager’s discretion.

Please be aware of the conditions of the City's Tree Protection Bylaw, Streamside Protection Bylaw and Steep Slope Development Permits (SSDP)

Impacts to trees greater than 20cm diameter or streamside areas may result in penalties.

If you have questions regarding these conditions, please contact the Parks, Recreation & Culture Office