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City Budget

2017 Budget Discussion

All City spending is authorized by a bylaw, adopted by Council. This is legislated by the Community Charter. The Five-Year Financial Plan (or budget) bylaw provides a budgetary framework for the City to plan and manage its resources, revenues and expenditures in order to best serve the community.

The draft 2017-2021 Financial Plan was presented to Council on October 31, November 1 and 2 and was approved by Council on November 5, 2016 for three reads.  These meetings can be viewed from the City’s website.

For more information on the City’s budget process please contact the Finance Department at or call 604-851-4191.

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What is the impact of the 2016 budget on a single family taxpayer?

2017 Taxes/Rates for Typical Single Family Residence1

Taxes - City (General) Proposal 1.28% $27
Taxes - Police Proposal 0.77% 17
Taxes - Library Proposal 0.08% 2
Total Tax Increase 2.13% $46
Water user fees2,4 3.75% 4
Sewer user fees3,4 3.75% 4
Solid Waste fees 0.0% 0
Urban Storm Drainage 0.0% 0
Total Increase for Typical Residence
  1. Total taxes and charges on a typical $429,000 single family residence in 2016=$2,781
  2. Effective water rate of $1.13 when utility bill is paid on time.
  3. Effective sewer rate of $0.96 when utility bill is paid on time.
  4. Increase planned in July 2017

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Budget Presentations

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Budget Documents

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