Water Conservation

Water Efficiency Plan Update

The Abbotsford Mission Water Sewer Commission (AMWSC) has updated the Water Efficiency Plan (WEP) to meet our population growth trends, reflect our community’s current water use and meet water reduction targets. This new Water Efficiency Plan includes an evaluation of the AMWSC's current water efficiency program, case studies of best conservation practices and a quantitative analysis of our current water use trends. Tell us what you think about the updated Water Efficiency Plan, and take the survey today!

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Water Wise Portal

Water conservation benefits the whole community and ensures that we continue to have a high quality water supply capable of supporting a growing population.

Sprinkling & Watering Restrictions

Water is often taken for granted, especially in our area where water resources are abundant and rainfall is plentiful for the majority of the year. However, our climate is changing and our population and our economy continue to grow, increasing the demands and pressures on our water resources. We need to adapt to climate change and think about intergenerational equity.

Water Meters

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Water Meters allow for all residential and business water meters to be read remotely via a regular radio frequency transmission sent directly from each individual meter. By the end of June 2011, nearly every property receiving water from the City’s water system will have had their meter connected to a radio transmitter that sends reading data to City Hall.