Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are non-native plants that were introduced without their natural insect predators and plant pathogens that help to keep them under control in their native habitats.

Negative effects of invasive plants:

  • Spread aggressively and take over the natural environment.
  • Push out native plants, including endangered species, and destroy habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.
  • Cause erosion and silt problems in creeks and impact aquatic creatures.
  • Are expensive to control and eradicate.
  • Some, like Giant Hogweed, are dangerous to human health.

Report Invasive Plants

This service is for reports of invasive plants in Abbotsford only. Please contact your municipality directly if you are reporting invasive plants outside of Abbotsford.

Please fill in your name and contact information in case we need more specific directions, or if you would like a follow-up on what we found.

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