Abbotsford Police Department Expansion

Project Type: Buildings & Facilities
Project Description

The Abbotsford Police Department (APD) Headquarters Expansion and Renovation project is currently underway. The updated building will provide APD officers and civilian staff with the necessary space and tools to perform their duties safely and effectively as they work towards making Abbotsford the safest city in British Columbia.

The project involves a significant expansion of the current headquarters, which was originally built in 1988 for the Matsqui Police Department. At that time, it accommodated just 74 officers and a support staff serving a population of 58,000 residents. However, with the current force of nearly 350 officers and staff supporting a community of 160,000, the new building will offer additional workspace and resources as well as accommodate growth for years to come as Abbotsford continues to expand.

The project includes the construction of a 4-story expansion adjacent to the existing Abbotsford Police building, as well as the renovation of the existing structure. Additionally, site work will be completed to re-align pedestrian and vehicle paths in the vicinity. Upon completion, the expansion will seamlessly integrate into the renovated space.

Civic Precinct Visitor Parking

There will be minor changes to our public parking during the construction. 

Civic Precinct Visitor Parking Map
2838 Justice Way, Abbotsford BC

As of Q1 2024, the concrete superstructure of the building has been completed. The focus now shifts to the building envelope and interior. 

Pre-construction site work commenced in late 2022. The expansion construction is currently in progress, with the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) continuing regular operations from the existing building. Construction works will take place from 7 am to 7 pm Monday - Friday with limited construction done on weekends and holidays.


The expansion is slated for completion and occupancy in Q1 2025. Following that, renovation work on the existing building will commence and is expected to conclude by late 2025.

Name: Brian Poelman
Title: Project Engineer