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Diversity in Abbotsford

The City of Abbotsford is situated in the central Fraser Valley of British Columbia and covers approximately 370 squared kilometers, making it the largest municipality by area in the Lower Mainland. Abbotsford is a diverse and growing community, and has a dynamic and vibrant business community that is continuing to expand. Our temperate climate, multi-cultural city and clean environment provide a quality of life that draws skilled creative people from around the world.

According to the 2016 Census:

  • Over 50 different languages are spoken in Abbotsford
  • 52.8% of Abbotsford's recent immigrants spoke Punjabi most often at home
  • A language other than English or French is spoken in 38% of all households
  • 27.6% of Abbotsford residents were born outside of Canada
  • 32.3% of recent immigrants had a bachelor's degree or higher

View the Abbotsford Local Immigration Partnership Resources for more information.

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Initiatives and Projects:

The City of Abbotsford supports diversity and inclusion initiatives in our community and has worked in partnership with other government agencies and organizations on various projects:  

  • In partnership with Community Living British Columbia a new drop in floor hockey for individuals with diverse abilities was implemented.
  • Hosts Annual Involve Symposium with over 100 community leaders attending a full day workshop on diversity and inclusion in the community.
  • MRC pool changeroom upgrades improved recreation access to community members with disabilities.
  • The City hosted “Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples” workshops for staff and partner organizations. 
  • Created multi-lingual welcome signs in all City facilities to recognize Abbotsford’s diversity.
  • Provides translation services at City Hall.
  • Participated on various community committees including the Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition.
  • Supported community diversity events such as the Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards and AbbyFest.​
  • Worked in partnership on the Abbotsford Indo Canadian Seniors Project, funded by the Union of BC Municipalities, in partnership with the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley. 
  • Worked in partnership on the Abbotsford Building Connections project  - In 2010, the City of Abbotsford received a grant worth $434,596 from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to implement the Abbotsford Building Connections Project. The objectives were for the City of Abbotsford to become more culturally integrated and to increase intercultural and interfaith connections at both the community and the neighbourhood level.  

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Abbotsford Local Immigration Partnership

The Abbotsford Local Immigration Partnership brings different people and organizations together, providing education, resources and support to achieve common goals. To find out more about this initiative, visit the Abbotsford Local Immigration Partnership website. 

Through strategic planning and collaborative leadership, we help members create and coordinate a range of activities and events that make life better for immigrants and our communities as a whole. We also make immigration and diversity news, documents and training tools easily accessible for everyone who wants to get involved and make a difference. 

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Diversity Resources

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