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Utility Bill Payment Options

Payment Options

You can pay your utility bill many ways:

  • Online - banking from your financial institution’s website:
    1. Go to your banking website and log in
    2. Find the bill payment menu and look for something similar to “add a new payee”
    3. Search for payee “Abbotsford” and select the “utilities” listing from the results
      Avoid the “tax” listing as the City of Abbotsford also offers the online payment option for property taxes. 
    4. Locate your six digit account number on the top right corner the utility bill and enter it into the account field
    5. Print or save the confirmation page or confirmation number for your records
  • utility billing auto debit plan
  • in person at your financial institution
  • telephone banking - contact your financial institution
  • by mailing a cheque payable to the City of Abbotsford
  • in person at City Hall via cash, cheque or debit card.  
  • The City of Abbotsford does NOT accept credit cards for the payment of taxes or utilities.  
    Taxpayers who choose to use a third party service provider to pay by credit card will be charged a convenience fee by the service provider. Taxpayers should be fully informed when choosing a third party service provider (ie research services & fees involved). The City does not endorse any third party service providers.

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Utility Auto Debit Plan

Pay your utility bill by auto debit and never have a late payment.  It’s a convenient way to take advantage of the 5% discount for on-time utility bill payments. 

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Discount For Customers Who Pay On Time!

Customers who continue to pay their bills on or before the due date will receive a 5% discount. We appreciate your prompt payment. Late payments cost us all in lost interest and extra administrative costs.

How the Discount Works

  • Water and sewer bills display amounts due before and after the due date. Water and sewer charges are calculated at the rate before the discount. 
  • The amount you save if you pay on time is deducted and the net total is shown.
  • If your payment is made on time, our system will automatically apply the discount.
  • If your payment is late, but you paid the discounted amount, a balance forward will appear on the next bill.
  • Discounts apply to current charges only.

More information about utility payment options and how to ensure your payment reaches us "On Time"is available on the Utility Billing FAQ page

Sample Bill

Sample Discount Utility Bill

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