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Snow and Ice Removal FAQs

How does the City decide which roads to clear?

The City’s Snow and Ice Control Policy classifies the roads into three categories:  

  • First Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 350 kilometers of all high volume and strategic arterial and collector roads which includes transit routes, school zones and major access to hillside areas.
  • Second Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 170 kilometers of the remaining arterial, hillside and collector routes.
  • Third Priority Roadways:  includes the remaining approximately 390 kilometers of roadways, usually local roadways, not identified as first and second priority.

First priority roads are maintained until conditions are under control and safe, subject to worker and equipment availability and weather. Once these roads are cleared, resources are redirected to second priority routes and then to third priority routes.

View the Snow Clearing Map for priority routes details.

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Why are some areas plowed twice before my street is plowed at all?

If snow fall occurs again before our crews have been able to clear the third priority routes (which includes residential streets) from a previous snow fall, the City will revert back to clearing the first and second priority roadways. 

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Who clears Highways 1 & Highway 11 and Mt. Lehman Road south of Highway 1 to the Airport?

The Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 11 and Mt. Lehman Road, south of Highway 1 to the Airport, are the responsibility of the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The City will clear the roundabouts and arterial streets, but not the on or off ramps or the highway surface. Residents can find more information on the BC Government's Transportation and Infrastructure website.

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Will the City remove the snow from my driveway and the sidewalks in front of my property? 

Per the Good Neighbor Bylaw No. 1256-2003, residents are responsible for clearing their own driveways and sidewalks in front of their properties. Please do not plow snow from private properties onto the public roadways. Put shoveled snow onto your yard. Extra snow on the roads and sidewalks is hazardous for pedestrians and vehicles.

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What do I do if my curbside collection is missed because of road conditions and bad weather?

If your curbside garbage, recycling and compostable waste is not collected, please set your material out on the next regularly scheduled collection day. If collection is delayed, you will be allowed double your regular garbage allowance.

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Can I park on the road during a snowfall?

Please avoid parking on the road. Abandoned vehicles or vehicles obstructing roadways will be towed without notice to allow for snow clearing operations to continue. The towing costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle owners.

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How do City staff prepare for winter road conditions?

City staff are professionally trained on the special road clearing equipment. Staff work on 12 hour shift rotations during a storm, so our roads have 24/7 clearing if necessary. If staff is not working the equipment, they are monitoring the weather forecasts and the road cameras so we can allocate resources where they are needed the most.

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Who do I call if I’m concerned about the road safety or have a complaint?

If you think we’ve missed a particular area or there is a specific area of concern, please email the Operations Yard or call 604-853-5485, use our @abbotsford app from your smart device, or go online and submit a Request for Service.

After regular business hours (including weekends), please call the after hours emergency line at 604-864-5552.

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