Now that we have the vision in our updated Official Community Plan, it’s time to put the plans in place for the future that you envisioned!

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from point A to point B

Planning is a bit like following a roadmap. To make sure all our i’s are
dotted and t’s are crossed, here’s how it works.

Background Research
The background research will give us the data needed to move to our next phase where we will explore new options, and priorities for the future of Abbotsford.
Exploring Options
We know where our green spaces are going, but how do we build them? How wide are our roads? These are the types of questions we will be coming to you with soon!
Draft Plan
We will compile the feedback we receive which will form our Draft Plans. This is your Abbotsford, and it is important that we plan for the future that you envision!
Final Plan
During this stage, we will have compiled all of our collective feedback and priorities and present the final Master Plans and Studies to the public and Council.

Here are the plans that we are working on. Click on the name and details will follow!

Master Plans
Parks, Recreation & Culture
Fire Rescue Services
City Water
City Wastewater
Abbotsford / Mission Joint water
Neighbourhood Plans
Historic Downtown
Studies & Projects
Zoning Bylaw Update
Water Source Supply
Housing Strategy
Fishtrap Creek ISMP
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