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Neighbourhoods in Abbotsford

The City of Abbotsford is committed to building healthy neighbourhoods. Healthy neighbourhoods are socially connected. Benefits of strong, healthy and cohesive neighbourhoods include:

  • A reduction in crime while local citizen awareness and participation increases.
  • Good health which depends on nurturing social support systems and changing or adapting our surroundings.
  • An increase in property values where a neighbourhood demonstrates cohesiveness and community.
  • Safety and peace of mind when one knows that everyone is looking out for each other. 

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Neighbourhood Spirit Small Grants

Do you have an idea for your neighbourhood? We can help!

The City of Abbotsford is pleased to partner with the Abbotsford Community Foundation and Vancouver Foundation to offer the Neighbourhood Spirit Small Grant funds up to $1000 for projects to help improve your neighbourhood. Plan to do anything from a community clean-up, a chess club for kids, or even a neighbourhood street hockey tournament. The goal is to increase neighbourliness and vibrancy in your neighbourhood. Get to know your neighbours! The types of grants a resident can apply for are:

Community Connections
This category is for projects that enhance the connections in a community. These projects could include neighborhood barbeque’s, activities, workshops, and other community building activities. Activities where residents share their knowledge and skills with other community members are encouraged.

Neighborhood Beautification
This category is for projects that have the goal of reinvigorating or making a public area more beautiful. Some examples include park or neighborhood clean-ups, fence painting, gardening, trail and sign refurbishing.

Child and Youth Engagement
This category is for projects that encourage the participation of children and youth in meaningful activities that promote civic engagement and pride. Examples include activity days, neighborhood youth projects, local sport tournaments.

Neighbourhood Safety
This grant category is for neighborhoods that want to improve the safety and “eyes on the street” factor for their neighborhood, to help make the environment safer. Examples of eligible projects could include landscaping for visibility and surveillance, street lighting, graffiti clean-ups, and the re-design of public space to deter crime. Block watch activities and emergency planning can also be included in this category.

Funding Criteria and Eligibility

Who can apply? All Abbotsford residents in groups of two, students can apply. Grant applicants are not required to be a registered association or organization. 

  • Apply here 
  • Applications are open on February 11, 2020
  • Applications are  closed April 15, 2020
  • Final reports due December 2020

For more information or assistance, email the Community Developer at or call 604-557-1464. 

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Neighbourhood Associations

Some neighbourhoods have neighbourhood associations. A neighbourhood association is a group of neighbours that want improve their neighbourhood, or just get to know their neighbours better. Neighbourhood associations give residents a forum to discuss common concerns and to brainstorm possible solutions.

Neighbourhoods have gathered around:

  • Block parties
  • Neighbourhood clean-ups
  • Beautification projects
  • Safety such as Block Watch or Seniors Watch

If you are interested in starting a neighbourhood association or holding a neighbourhood gathering in your neighbourhood email the Community Developer or call 604-557-1464.

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Abbotsford Communities in Bloom Contest

The City of Abbotsford competed in the Communities in Bloom contest for the first year and received 4 out of 5 blooms from the judges. Check back early spring 2019 to see how you can get involved.

Neighbourhood Resources

To learn more about how you can become involved in building a vibrant and healthy neighbourhood, contact the Community Developer at 604-557-1464.

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Neighbours Day

Neighbourhood Spirit Logo - jpg imageAbbotsford’s Neighbours’ Day

  • Held annually on the 3rd Saturday of September! 
  • Show off your Neighbourhood Spirit!
  • Get together and have fun turning your street into a neighbourhood
  • Plan something special
  • Register and share your story

We can help
Borrow the Neighbourhood Spirit Toolkit, it holds many items you may need to hold an inclusive neighbourhood event (some restrictions apply). 

Neighbourhood Toolkit Guidelines 

View this great video for some inspiration on what being a neighbor means to Abbotsford residents.

Check out what other Abbotsford neighbourhoods have done here:

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Neighbours Day Video

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