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Please Note: The FVRD’s Source Separation Bylaw and the City’s Solid Waste Collection Bylaw came into effect on April 1, 2020. However, due to the disruption and concerns the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus) is already causing to businesses and to residents, the City will be postponing the promotion and enforcement of the new waste sorting requirements. Instead, the City will be focusing efforts on education and gaining compliance over time, as opposed to any immediate enforcement considerations. The City will continue to work with residents, stratas, businesses and waste haulers to support waste diversion efforts across our City.

The City does not provide waste collection services to multi-family dwellings (e.g., townhouses, condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, etc.) or to industrial, commercial or institutional (ICI) properties. The City’s Solid Waste Collection Bylaw outlines the requirements for these properties to collect recycling and compostables separately from garbage.  

Multi-family and ICI properties are required to make their own arrangement with a private waste hauler for the collection and disposal of recycling, compostables and garbage. Waste collection services for these properties can be confirmed by contacting your strata council, landlord, property manager or property management company.

The City has compiled the below resources to assist in setting up or improving waste collection programs for multi-family and ICI properties.

Resources for Strata or Property Managers

Resources for Multi-Family Residents, Tenants & Business Owners

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