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Zoning Bylaw Updates

Zoning Bylaw Updates:

A zoning bylaw is a living document that requires ongoing amendments to continue to meet municipal goals and objectives. Zoning bylaw updates are regularly undertaken by the City to implement new municipal policies, improve regulations, incorporate changes in Provincial or Federal legislation, and to address administrative issues.

The following is a list of completed and current projects. Future initiatives to update the Zoning Bylaw will be listed here.

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Completed Updates:

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Current Updates:  

  • AgRefresh (underway)
  • Continued alignment of existing zones with the OCP and Neighbourhood Plans, including an update to the Historic Downtown (C7) and City Centre (C5) zones (upcoming)
  • Review of city-wide residential regulations in order to clearly define different housing typologies, reflecting the diverse housing options envisioned in the OCP (upcoming)
  • Review of the city-wide parking regulations (upcoming)
  • Administrative/ housekeeping amendment (upcoming)

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Housekeeping Amendments

Minor housekeeping amendments are undertaken, as needed, to improve regulations and address administrative issues. The City has completed two comprehensive housekeeping amendments since the adoption of Zoning Bylaw No. 2400-2014. These amendments, completed in 2015 and 2016, included modifications to the Zoning Bylaw text and maps to provide greater clarity and consistency, address non-conforming situations, and resolve minor clerical issues. 

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Zoning Bylaw No. 2400-2014

The current Zoning Bylaw was prepared in 2013-2014 through a comprehensive administrative update of the previous 1996 Zoning Bylaw, with a focus on creating a legally-resilient, accessible and easily-understandable document. Zoning Bylaw No. 2400-2014 was adopted on September 15, 2014. View the 2014 Zoning Bylaw webpage for more information about the preparation of the 2014 Zoning Bylaw.  

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