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Career as an Abbotsford Firefighter

Firefighter Career

Being a firefighter can be challenging, exciting, and fulfilling career. If you want to help others, have a desire to serve the community, and work best in a team, becoming a firefighter might be for you.

The Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service is a customer focused team-based organization and represents the diverse community we serve. A career within the Fire Service will put you on the front line of protecting our city, contributing to a leading-edge department with a proven safety record.

Today’s Firefighter is a skilled professional who is able to face every kind of emergency.  Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service will provide training on preferred methods for various job tasks. Through this training and experience, Abbotsford Firefighters learn the latest developments in firefighting, rescue techniques, medical emergency procedures and public education. We also cover such subjects as the control of hazardous materials, communication systems, fire prevention legislation and fire investigation techniques.

Working as a Firefighter, you will be exposed to prolonged hours of physical and mental exertion. You will experience sleep deprivation and may be awake for up to 24 hours at time. You will be exposed to stressful situations that will be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. You will work in situations that have a risk of injury or death and will be expected to maintain a professional level of conduct both on and off the job.

A commitment to maintaining a daily fitness regime and monitoring personal wellness is essential to ensuring firefighter safety and longevity. It is important that you have the strength, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning required to take on the physical challenges of this career.

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Firefighting Training

Today's professional firefighter has a number of daily tasks but they are also highly trained in fighting fires, rescue operations, handling hazardous materials, confined space rescue, tower crane rescue, and providing medical care for emergencies and motor vehicle incidents.

Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service firefighters have the opportunity to develop their skills in specialty areas including:

  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Heavy rescue
  • High-angle rescue
  • Hazardous materials

If you are interested in applying to be a firefighter, you should become familiar with Career Firefighter Recruitment Application Manual and learn all you can about firefighting and the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service.


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