Tree Cutting - Owner Authorization

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Owner Contact Info
I/we own the following property and own/jointly the trees subject to this application and hereby authorize to act on our behalf in accordance with the terms of this authorization form.

this authorization supersedes any previous agent authorization regarding the management of the subject trees. Jointly owned trees require authorization from all owners.
Authorized Agent
To act on my/our behalf (the “Authorized Agent”) on all matters pertaining to this tree cutting permit application with respect to the Land, including authority to endorse or execute application documents on my/our behalf.

It is understood that until the City is advised in writing that the Authorized Agent no longer acts on behalf of the Owner, the City will deal with the Authorized Agent with respect to all matters pertaining to the permit referred to in this authorization form.

Owner's Names
Owner's Names
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Agent's Names
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NOTE: Each owner of the Property must sign this Authorization form. Please use additional sheets if necessary. If ownership of the Property changes prior to approval or issuance of the Permit, a new Authorization form must be submitted to the City.