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Curbside Collection - Pick Up

Food Services Sector

What businesses are currently required to have compostable collection?

The food services and food processing businesses required to have compostable collection include food processing companies, restaurants, grocery stores, amusement facilities and hotels with commercial kitchens. These requirements are outlined in the City’s Solid Waste Collection Bylaw.

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Who is responsible to provide compostable collection, the property owner or the business owner?

The person who normally provides garbage collection for the business is also responsible for providing compostable collection (and recycling).

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When did the requirements for compostable collection in the food services and processing sector start?

These requirements were implemented in October 2015 and are outlined in the City’s Solid Waste Collection Bylaw.

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Will the compostable collection requirements change once the same requirements are in place multi-family and the remaining ICI sector?

No. The proposed measures for the multi-family and remaining ICI sector will align the City with the proposed Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) initiative to implement sorting requirements for recyclables and compostable material across the region. Compostable collection requirements for the food services and processing sectors will remain the same.

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