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Garbage, Recycling and Composting

Temporary Changes to Curbside Collection Times

The provincial Conservation Officer Service has recently notified the City of Abbotsford that there has been a large number of black bear encounters in the Abbotsford area. View the temporary changes to curbside collection times in the Red Week 1 and Red Week 2 areas. All other collection areas will be collected at the usual times.

Upcoming Changes to the Curbside Program 

The City’s Curbside Collection Program will be adopting a cart-based automatic collection system where residents will be provided three carts; one each for recycling, compostables and garbage. The City will also be undertaking an analysis on what it costs to collect glass and large oversized items such as furniture and mattresses. View current information on this initiative at

Upcoming Compostable Collection Requirements

All multi-family, industrial, commercial and institutional properties that currently do not collect compostable waste separately from garbage will need to start doing so by April 1, 2020. View current information on this initiative, including available resources at

  • Curbside Collection Schedule
    Type in your address to view your collection day. Compostables and recyclables are collected weekly and garbage is collected bi-weekly.
  • Waste Reduction
    View information on waste reduction and tips for reducing waste.​
  • Event Waste Management
    View tips on waste management at public events, including a pilot project being undertaken by the City for waste sorting.