City Of Abbotsford  
Smart Cities Challenge

Smart Cities Challenge

The City of Abbotsford submitted a Smart Cities Challenge application to the 2018 Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge program. Although we are not one of the finalists for this first round, we would like to offer hearty congratulations to all of the finalists from across Canada!

The City of Abbotsford believes our challenge is worth pursuing and we will be looking for future opportunities to make it a reality.

What is our Challenge?

To shed our long held title as Canada’s most car dependent Census Metropolitan Area, Abbotsford will create an intelligent primary transit corridor that greatly improves the connectedness of our residents and boosts our sustainable transportation mode share by 50%.

Why do we believe in this Challenge?

Transportation and transit were highlighted, by citizens, as key areas of focus through both the Abbotsforward Official Community Plan initiative and the Plan200k public engagement process.  

Now what?

  • Keep working and engaging the public on related initiatives such as the City Centre and UDistrict Neighbourhood plans.
  • Get feedback from the Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenges team to find out how we can improve our submission for the future.
  • Continue to build partnerships and explore options to make this proposal a reality.

Any Questions?

For further information or if you have any questions or concerns, please email Alison Martens, Continuous Improvement Coordinator, City of Abbotsford.