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The City of Abbotsford has launched a comprehensive four stage planning process to create the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan (CCNP). Abbotsford is a young city with multiple historic centres, but no identifiable core. The CCNP will develop a new vision for a more populated, attractive, and walkable neighbourhood at the heart of our urban area. 

With its close proximity to Mill Lake and its strong employment base, the City Centre has the foundation and the potential to become a dynamic and complete neighbourhood. By crafting clearer and stronger land use designations, design guidelines, and policies, the CCNP can help encourage development in Abbotsford’s core. Together, we can create a vibrant City Centre all Abbotsford residents are proud of!


Abbotsford’s Official Community Plan (OCP), adopted in June 2016, provides a vision and a framework for how Abbotsford will grow to a population of 200,000. One of the most important aspects of the new OCP is to create neighbourhood plans for specific areas of the city that help manage and direct their growth. In general, these areas of Abbotsford will see the most growth in the future.

One of these areas, the City Centre, is envisioned as “the centre of Abbotsford’s public, economic and cultural life.” In fact, an entire policy section in the OCP is devoted to the Big Idea to “Create a City Centre”. The CCNP, once completed, will help achieve a significant part of our Official Community Plan’s vision.

We are currently in STAGE 3: DRAFT PLAN. As information becomes available on public events, open houses, surveys, presentations and reports, they will be posted below under the corresponding stage.  


Stage 1 has analyzed how the City Centre area functions and looks, and has provided a set of key themes to explore in the following stages of the project.

CCNP - Background Research Report
CCNP - Commercial Market Study


Stage 2 has explored various options and developed a concept that will function as the structure of the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan. This was done through a broad engagement process, which included: 

  • Online Survey 
  • Road Show Event:
    • May 28: Taste of Abby 
    • June 10: Sevenoaks Shopping Centre
    • July 1: Canada Day Celebrations
    • July 27: Stakeholder Workshop
  • Speakers Night June 15 (view the Event poster and the speaker night video)

Stage 2 is now complete with a Concept Report presented to Council on December 18. More information on engagement results and concept development can be found in this report.

CCNP - Concept Report - December 2017


Stage 3 is focused on preparing the first draft of the new City Centre Neighbourhood Plan using the findings from Stage 1 and 2. It will include community engagement activities and a technical analysis of infrastructure needs.

The City Centre Neighbourhood Plan Popup Shop is now closed. Thanks to all who visited during the month of February!


Upcoming Event May 4, 2018

Abbotsford is a young city with multiple historic centres, but no identifiable core. To change this, the City of Abbotsford is preparing a City Centre Neighbourhood Plan. Discover and explore the recently created plan concept as we walk through an area that will be transformed into a more populated, attractive and walkable neighbourhood. At the heart of our urban area, find out where new retail streets, plazas, and active transportation routes may be located and how the Neighbourhood Plan intends to make it all happen.

Date: May 4, 2018
Time: 1PM-3PM
Length: 4.7km
Meeting Location: Abbotsford Arts Council, Kariton House, Mill Lake Park

For more information: City Centre Hosted Jane's Walk


Stage 4 will focus on refining the new City Centre Neighbourhood Plan and having it adopted as a bylaw by Council.

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