The City of Abbotsford's Tree Protection Bylaw No.1831-2009 is in place to preserve the tree canopy in Abbotsford. The City also has measures in place to ensure that all trees are healthy and viable and contribute positively to the natural environment. Trees are important in our community to help us sustain a healthy, natural environment. If you have comments or concerns regarding trees on boulevards or in parks contact Parks, Recreation & Culture.
Before cutting down any trees on your property, it is important to contact the Urban Forestry Section to ensure that you are in compliance with the bylaw.
Please complete the section below to submit a Tree Cutting Permit Application
Street address where the Tree Cutting Permit is being requested
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Applicant Information
Note: Email is the primary means of communication for tree cutting permits. Applications submitted without email may experience delays.
Property Owner
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Proposed Tree Cutting Details
Site plan of tree locations:
If you are not sure what needs to be submitted as a site plan, please click this link to see examples.
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Other supporting Documents
Supporting documents (including photos) are optional, however they may be required during the review process. Providing them below may speed up the application process.
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(Example of photos of hazardous or dead trees: bark falling off, dead maple, dead oak, dying ash tree)
Related Covenants:
Note: An arborist report may be required when the application is reviewed.
Permit Fees & Security Deposits
Permit Fees are based on the number of trees to be cut.
You may be required to replace the trees you cut down with up to three replacement trees per tree cut down. If so, a refundable security deposit of $300.00 per replacement tree is required in order to ensure the work is completed.
The permit fee and security deposits will be collected prior to issuance of the Tree Cutting Permit.
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In consideration of the issuance of a tree cutting permit as a result of this application (the “Permit”), the applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City, its elected and appointed officials, officers, employers, servants and agents from and against all claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, including investigatory and legal expenses and other actions caused by or attributable to any willful or negligent act, omission, delay or allegations thereof on the part of the applicant or owner and their employees, subcontractors or agents, related in any way to the permit. The applicant also agrees that this provision shall survive the termination of the Permit. I am aware of, understand and intend to comply with all regulations and requirements of “Abbotsford’s Tree Protection Bylaw, 2010 No. 1831-2009 I understand that there this application if for a City of Abbotsford Tree Cutting Permit and that there are regulations and requirements of other Bylaws and Government Agencies that I may need to comply with.
I agree to these requirements.
I understand that it is the property owner’s responsibility to confirm the ownership of the subject trees.
I have read and understand the City’s General Privacy Statement