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Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Primary Booking site for Special Events, Community Recreation Programming, School Groups, Weddings, Track and Field Events, and Meetings.  A 75 acre park with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor facilities, including:

  • multi use buildings
  • ball diamonds
  • playing fields
  • Rotary Stadium
  • BMX track

Ag Rec Building

  • Indoor multipurpose space
  • Two bookable spaces, the main floor and the gallery that overlooks the main floor
  • Suitable for trade shows and exhibitions, indoor sporting competitions, and a wide variety of community and corporate based meetings, events and activities.
  • Main Floor
    • 23,040 sq.ft. polished concrete floor with a capacity of 1920.
    • Access to 88 6 ft tables, 26 8 ft tables, 400 chairs, and extra garbage cans.
    • Two change rooms with showers.
  • Gallery
    • Overlooking the main floor, 3520 sq.ft., tile floor with a capacity of 293.
    • Commercial kitchen, washrooms, 21 round tables, 6 - 4x6 tables and 250 chairs.
    • Mostly used for meetings, seminars, recreational activities as well as VIP/volunteer/ food areas when booked along with the main floor.
  • Fees and charges

Agrifair Arena

  • 23,000 sq.ft. dirt floor with a capacity of 1000.
  • Built-in bleachers that seat 450, washrooms, small office/meeting space and a concession
  • Suitable for livestock shows, competitions and auctions, barrel racing, dog agility/fly ball practices and competitions, sporting events/practices.
  • Fees and charges 

Show Barn/Pole Barn

  • Show Barn
    • 23,940 sq.ft., asphalt floor with posts throughout with a capacity of 1995
    • Separate washrooms and a covered and non-covered wash rack.
    • Hosts the Abbotsford Flea Market, Agrifair, cattle events/auctions, sport group practices and many other multipurpose activities.
  • Pole Barn
    • Open air barn with a gravel floor.
    • Suitable for cattle and horse events.
  • Fees and charges

Rotary Stadium

  • Inside lane is 400 metres, increases 5 metres every lane, outside lane is 440 metres.
  • Grandstand provides seating for 4000 with the ability to seat an additional 1000 people on the grass
  • Suitable for track & field meets, games or tournaments, cultural events, celebrations and large community events.
  • Fees and charges 

Cadet Building

  • Home to the 861 Silverfox Cadets.
  • 5727 sq. ft. concrete floor with a capacity of 400.
  • Suitable for banquets, dances, small events, and large meetings.
  • Fees and Charges 

Legacy Building

  • Legacy Banquet Room
    • Seating capacity for 210 guests
    • Suitable for weddings, baby showers, meetings, birthday parties, and fundraisers
    • Full kitchen and bar.
    • Elevator access.
  • Martial Arts Room
    • 2100 sq. ft. room with wrestling mats and a resilient rubber floor.
    • used by local wrestling groups.
  • Conference Room
    • Capacity 60.
    • Meetings space for various user groups.
  • Board Room
    • Capacity 25.
    • Meeting space for various user groups.
  • Fees and charges 

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Parks & Picnic Shelters

The City has numerous parks and picnic shelters. Picnic shelters are next to playgrounds, washrooms and green spaces for a variety of activities. Fire restrictions limit cooking to propane barbecues, supplied by the user group.


  • Park/Picnic Shelter Booking Fee
    • non-profit $15.90 per hour. 
    • commercial $36 per hour.
  • Reservations are available at most picnic shelters from April 1 - October 31. Please see the chart below for details.
  • By Phone: Contact Parks, Recreation & Culture at 604-859-3134 - press "0".
  • Online: Complete the online request form.
    *Please note that requests are not final until confirmed by the Parks, Recreation & Culture staff. Completing the application does not guarantee the shelter will be available.*

Washrooms, Amenities and Gates

  • Water and power amenities are seasonal.  Please see the chart below for washroom and power supply information.
  • Washroom facilities are seasonal. Octagon washrooms by Mill Lake ball diamond will be open as long as weather permits.
  • BBQ stands provided; open fire burning is prohibited.
  • All parks are closed daily by security staff. No overnight use is permitted.
  • Park gates open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after sunset year-round. The gate at Hazelwood Cemetery is open daily, during daylight hours only.
Parks and Picnic Shelter Details
Park Running Water Power Amenities
Mill Lake No. 1 (North) at shelter key required Washrooms, Trails, Volleyball, Ball field, BBQ Stands, Fishing Pier (Lake), Pool
Mill Lake No. 2 (Water Park) at washrooms key required Washrooms, Trails, Volleyball, Playground, Spray Park, Pool
Mill Lake No. 3 (South) at washrooms No Washrooms, Trails, Volleyball, Playground, Spray Park, Pool
Mill Lake No. 4 - Bevan) at washroom No Washrooms, Trails, Playground
DeLair No No Washrooms, Ball field, Soccer field, BBQ Stands, Playground
Gardner at shelter No Washrooms, Playground, Trails, Pond
Grant at washrooms No Washrooms, Playground, Ball field, Soccer field
Hougen at standpipe Yes, key required Washrooms, Horseshoe pitches, Ball field, BBQ Stands, Playground, River
Matsqui Village at shelter Yes, key required Washrooms, Ball field, Tennis Court, BBQ Stands, Playground
McDonald at shelter No Washrooms, Playground, BBQ Stands, River
Picnic Shelters - First come, first serve (Year Round)
Abbotsford Exhibition Grounds at shelter key required Washrooms, Soccer fields, Ball Fields, Playground, Rotary Stadium
Ridgeview at washrooms No Washrooms, Soccer field, Ball field, Playground
Ellwood/Fishtrap Creek at washrooms No Washrooms, Ball fields, Playground, Trails

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Major Fields and Diamonds

Fields and Diamonds Details
No. of Fields/ Diamonds Lights
Matsqui Village Park 6074 Riverside Street 1 Yes
Mill Lake 2310 Emerson Street 1 Yes
Clearbrook Park 3680 Clearbrook Road 2 Yes
Ellwood Park 31580 Maclure Road 2 Yes
Abbotsford Exhibition Park 32470 Haida Drive 4 Yes
Abbotsford Exhibition Park 32470 Haida Drive 4 No
Abby Senior - Artificial Turf 33355 Bevan Ave 1 Yes
DeLair Park 35570 Old Yale Road 2 Yes
Mouat - Artificial Turf 32355 Mouat Drive 1 Yes
Bateman Park 34600 Bateman Road 3 No
McMillan Park 2495 McMillan Road 3 No
Mouat Park 32355 Mouat Drive 2 No
Townline Hill Park Blueridge Street 1 Yes
Hughs Park 1400 Clearbrook Road 1 No
DeLair Park 35570 Old Yale Road 1 Yes
McMillan Park 2495 McMillan Road 1 No
Lions Diamond 2310 Emerson Street 1 No
Grant Park 31900 Madiera Place 1 No
Berry Park  33928 Fern Street 1 Yes
Rotary Stadium 32470 Haida Drive 1 Yes

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Equipment Rentals

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Department offers the rental of tents, stages, flags, volleyball sets, bocce ball, and croquet equipment for use in Abbotsford public parks.  Call 604-859-3134, press "0" to arrange for equipment rental.

  • Bocce Ball Set  
  • Croquet Set  
  • 20 X 20 Marquee Tent  
  • Mobile Grand Stand/Bleachers    
  • Mobile Stage
  • Volleyball Set  
  • Flags
    • Abbotsford Flag 
    • Canadian Flag 
    • 10 Province Flags (one for each Province) 
    • 3 Territory Flags (one for each Territory) 
    • American Flag   
  • Fees and charges

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