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Nagar Kirtan Procession  (Annual Sikh Parade)

The annual Kirtan Procession takes place on August 31, 2014...more   
Please be aware that there will be road closure and transit will be rerouting buses during the event...more

Register Now for 2014 Fraser Valley Economic Summit

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the Fraser Valley’s premier business conference featuring Bill Good, Radio Talk Show Host extraordinaire!, at the Abbotsford Centre Tuesday September 9, 2014...more 

Spud Murphy Spray Park Temporarily Closed

The Spud Murphy Spray Park is temporarily closed due to a water leak.  Please visit our Mill Lake spray park located at 2310 Emerson Street.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the spray park open later this week.

2014 Local Government Elections

The next Local Government Election will take place on Saturday, November 15, 2014.  The citizens of Abbotsford will elect one Mayor, eight Councillors and seven School Trustees for School District #34...more

Zoning Bylaw Update

The preliminary directions approved by Council on February 17, 2014 are intended to significantly simplify and much more clearly articulate the Zoning regulations for properties within the City of Abbotsford...more

Notice of Long Trains through Abbotsford

From July 7, 2014 to mid- October 2014 the City will be impacted by “Long” trains being rerouted on a temporary basis from Roberts Bank through Abbotsford to the US due to repair work on a rail trestle…more

Official Community Plan Update 

Updating the plan will help provide everyone with greater clarity about the future of Abbotsford as we continue to grow. In short, the OCP sorts out where people will live, work and play in the city. This OCP update is your chance to have a say about the Abbotsford of the future!...more 

Task Force on Homelessness       

The Task Force on Homelessness is working closely with all levels of the community to design and initiate a comprehensive community wide homelessness response plan for our community...more

City Page Online - August 27

Stay informed on city news including new programs, important meetings and upcoming events.  View the August 27 City Page...more  View past editions of the City Page...more