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Evacuation and Shelter-In-Place

The City of Abbotsford Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place Plan is an all hazards plan intended to be implemented should the need arise for an Evacuation and/or Shelter-in-Place Order. The Plan is a supplement to the City of Abbotsford’s Emergency Response Plan and is intended for use during the advance planning and/or response phase of an emergency. Every emergency is different and could require a unique response from the City.


A temporary but rapid removal of person(s) from a specified area that is threatened or impacted as a result of an emergency or as a precautionary measure for the purposes of protecting lives and/or ensuring public safety.

High-level summary of actions:

  • Coordinate the evacuation of all specified areas.
  • Provide instructions to the public to aid in the safe evacuation of the specified area.
  • Organize transportation for individuals within the impacted area who do not have their own transportation.
  • Establish a reception centre.
  • Coordinate support services, inclusive of food, lodging, clothing, emotional support, information about the incident, and family reunification.
  • Coordinate re-entry into and recovery of the impacted area(s).


During an emergency, individuals may be required to take refuge (shelter) within a building or vehicle in order to minimize risks to their health and safety. This is typically required during environmental hazard incidents, where hazardous materials are released into the atmosphere.

High-level summary of actions:

  • Provide instruction to residents to aid in the safe sheltering of individuals within the specified area(s).
  • Establish a shelter-in-place facility(ies) within the specified area(s).
  • Coordinate support services, inclusive of emotional support, and information about the incident.
  • Monitor environmental parameters for the specified area(s) to determine when a Shelter-in-Place Rescind can be issued.

To learn more about Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place along with specific evacuations from the areas prone to flooding within the City of Abbotsford please refer to information and maps below.

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